Monday, May 7, 2012

An Almost Perfect Riding Day

I don't really know what would be classified as a "perfect" riding day...but today was pretty close.  The sky was overcast, giving a rest from the hot beaming sun Midland has chosen to dish out early this year.  It was a tad bit on the breezy side...just this side of windy, but nothing to blow my cap off.  No dust was blowing, that's the main thing when the wind blows.  The temperature was 75 degrees.  Seriously between 1:30 and 3:30 pm, the temperature was 75 degrees.  I took a photo of the bank sign on my way home to prove it.

My horse was quiet and easy going, cooperative and pleasant.  Although I love riding almost any horse, I like riding mine best.  I know him better, his little quirks and jitters.  There might be some surprises, but very few.   I guess a friend to ride with might have added a little fun and bit of a social side, however, I'm so use to riding alone that that really doesn't matter much.  I listened to a little country music via "Pandora" for part of the ride and then just listened to life around me the rest of the way.  The country side in west texas can be a little lacking from south central Texas where I use to ride.  South Texas is filled with lots of trees and wildlife, cattle, creeks and ponds.  However, you can't see very far for the trees as they say.  I have gotten use to the openness of west Texas and being able to literally see for miles.  I like that.  So all in all, I'd say it was a perfect day for riding.  My pony would probably say so too.  He got a little bath and then a bucket of grain and some alfalfa.  What better way to end a day than a cool bath and a full tummy.

Thank you God for the blessing of my horse and my ability to ride!

Encourage one another!

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