Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Saleing" 101... Number 1 "You Snooze You Lose"

No literally don't even walk away without your hands on something you want at a sale or it may be gone.  The first lesson in "saleing" is if you want it, pick it up and make an offer or pay for it.  I knew this, I just didn't follow the rule.  This morning I saw this western lamp that was pretty cool.  Not the coolest ever, but cool.  I made an offer on it and they refused.  It was very early in the morning so they weren't ready to make any deals.  I really didn't think through what it would have cost new until I walked out to the car.  There was only one lady still there who to me did not look at all like she would be interested in anything western.  I got the money from my wallet and walked around the corner saying "I changed my mind I"ll take the lamp".  They said, "this lady just bought it"....thus, you snooze you lose.  So while I was a bit disappointed, like I said it wasn't the greatest thing ever, however, it would have worked in what I hope to be a more western/country feel in my next abode.  Lesson learned!

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