Thursday, May 10, 2012

We Are On High Alert

Me and Ikey that is, until the thunder and lightening stop.  My little pup is petrified of thunder.  I'm not talking a little scared, head under the pillow scared.  I'm talking out of his little mind and heart scared.  He sits up in the bed facing the window from the moment he hears the first little rumble in the far away distance til the last rain drop falls.  He can hear it miles away and he anticipates that lightening strike like a hammer hitting a nail.  Last night he had so much anxiety he was panting furiously.  There is nothing I can do for him.  There is no way to soothe him or settle him down.  He's just beside himself and on top of me.  He sits on my chest like a sphinx.  He will eventually lie down but he never takes his eyes off the window.  If he is very very still I can fall back to sleep, albeit I cannot turn or roll over for chance of stirring him.  Eventually I will wake up and find him curled up and asleep too after all chance of something terrible happening is gone.  Poor little guy.  Thankfully for him where we live there are very few thunderstorms...not near enough in my opinion and in the needs of the land.  But as far as Ikey is thunderstorm is too many.

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