Sunday, May 6, 2012

House Shopping...To Rent or Buy..follow the yellow brick road.

Have you ever been house shopping?  If not, don't.  It's time consuming and frustrating.  It's also a bit mind boggling.  Most of the houses we looked at have been on the market for a little while.  Most of them were dirty, literally dirty.  It was unbelievable that folks were charging as much money as they were and they had not even been in these houses obviously in months.  There were some that I knew would need some work.  I never imagined I would be looking at houses that folks just neglected and don't care about.  When my house was on the market, there was not a dirty dish, dust on the TV or a bed unmade.  There was pride in the fact that my house was nice and clean and ready for someone to view.  I wanted folks who saw it to appreciate the fact that it was well taken care of.  Who wants to buy a house that is unkept, unless you want a project.  I'm not looking for a project when the houses I'm looking at are my top dollar purchasing price.
Needless to say, house shopping was a bust.
I'm reconsidering renting over buying.  I looked at several rental houses but most were way out of my price range.  None of them seemed right anyway.  I had no feelings about them...I just felt nothing about them.  Then I saw an adorable rental I'm hoping the owners will consider me for.  There would be things to work out, but I can see me in that house.  I could see me making a home there.  It's an older house, in the country, with a front porch, a tin roof (I can hear the rain falling) and big oak trees.  It's got big windows and the owner said there is always a breeze blowing through there.  It has a beautiful view.  I always loved living in the country.  In my life, I've done so three to four times.  It's so peaceful and quiet.  This house has been taken down to the studs and redone.  If I had done it myself I might have done a few things different, however, what they did do was great.  I can see my old family furniture and my "treasure hunting finds" inside this house.  I can see my ivy baskets hanging from the porch, my urns with geraniums or jew leading up the steps and pretty things in the flower beds.  I can see the two white rockers I have that rocked on our old front porch for who knows how many years, rocking here on this porch.  I can see my grandson playing in the yard and a swing hanging from the tree.  So time will tell.  We'll see if they call.  If they don't, I'll keep looking.

So my prayers to God, about the when and the where He is paving the way for me to go, continue.  I pray He keeps my eyes and ears open and clear.  I hope He speaks loud and that His path is lined with yellow bricks so I'll know which way to follow.

Encourage One Another

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  1. Robinanne, thank you for stopping by Rusted Gingham. I read a few of your posts this morning. I love your heartfelt writing! I know you'll find the right place. God will be with you as always. He knows the one! He'll let you know in the way He always does. ♥ Tracy