Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cowboy Tom and Cow Dog Jewel

Several weeks ago when Baby Gray was staying with me in the country we had the opportunity to witness some "cattle workin" right outside our window.
We were busy eating breakfast and from the corner of my eye I saw my neighbor, horseback, gathering his calves in the pasture next door.  I said "Look, it's a cowboy!"  Low and behold right in front of him, leading the herd was his rat terrier, Jewel, just running, circling and barking up a storm.  She was jumping and and down and bouncing trying to stay on top of the tall grass so she could see.  It was just this side of hilarious seeing her out there.  Surely the timid, loving little dog I had met next door recently was not out there being all brave with these big ole calves? But, yep, she was.  It's amazing what a dog will do for someone they love!  I had to text the cowboys wife and tell her of the goings on out here in the country.  Her text back was a "lol".  Baby Gray and I left our breakfast on the table and headed out to the porch to watch.  We had to see this up close and personal.
Sure nuff it was Cowboy Tom!  After he got his calves in the pen we gave him a holler!  He loped ole gray over to see us (his pony just happened to look a lot like my horse Mosey).  I introduced him to Baby Gray who was just in awe of the whole thing.  And then here came Jewel.  I said, "Oh my gosh she is out there amongst all those cattle like she knows what she's doing".  Tom said "actually, I'm pretty impressed.  She's staying in all the right places".  Now if you know about cattle, you know they don't like dogs, not even a little bit.  They'll snort at them, kick at them, run at them and run from them. They seemed to have all kinds of respect for this pint sized girl.  Did I mention, she's small.  My goodness, she's not bigger than a minute.  But obviously, she's got the heart of a big brave girl.
She came bounding over to Baby Gray and I and we gave her a big ole pet.  Baby Gray also gave Chama, the new gray horse, a pet and before leaving gave "Cowboy Tom" a knuckle!
It was just truly a sight to see and a great way to start out day.
Later the next day we went to the parade.  Guess who was there?  Cowboy Tom!  Baby Gray recognized him immediately.  Another knuckle!  What an impression he must have made on Baby Gray.  He talked about it the rest of the weekend.
That particular day, with Baby Gray in hand I did not get any photos.  Today I got a second opportunity to see this amazing event happen again.  Cowboy Tom, another cowboy and cow dog Jewel were out in the pasture gathering those same calves.  Jewel was once again bouncing over those same tall weeds doing her job.  They managed to get them into the pens with Jewel as proud as ever.  I rushed to get my camera this time and here are the photos.
 I see Tom and Chama first.
 Oh my, there she is, and in a big hurry.  Legs stretching as far apart as possible!
 Just look at her looking at him!
 "What's next dad?"
"Oh, ok, pushing them into the pen."
 Go Jewel go...she's right there in the middle!
 Almost there.
OK, now, finished, shutting the gate....good girl!

What an amazing little dog.  I don't know for sure, but I suspect Cowboy Tom might be thinking about  loading little Jewel up in the trailer and taking her to the next pasture to work cows.  Truly she measures up to her name!
Miss Jewel, cow dog extraordinaire!

Zechariah 9:16
The LORD their God will save his people on that day as a shepherd saves his flock. They will sparkle in his land like jewels in a crown.

Encourage One Another, continuing the journey on fresh paths.

Blessings and love to you.

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